Autumn Term 2019

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Proposed Change to Autumn Term 2019

Dear parents/carers


Proposed change to Autumn half term holiday 2019


I am writing to you to inform you of my proposal to move to a two week October half term holiday next academic year. 


This is being considered to address the wellbeing of staff during the long Autumn term.  Please be assured there will be no loss to teaching time as we would return to school straight after the August bank holiday and break up one day later for Christmas.


In summary the school calendar will be as follows:


Term Start of term End of term
(Bank Holiday 26 August)    
Autumn Term 2019 Tuesday 27 August 2019  
  (Tuesday 27/28 August INSET)  
  Students return Thursday 29 August (Year 7 only) Friday 18 October 2019
Half term Monday 21 October 2019 Friday 1 November  2019


Monday 4 November 2019 Friday 20 December 2019
Spring Term 2020 Monday 6 January 2020 Friday 14 February 2020
Half term Monday 17 February 2020 Friday 21 February 2020


Monday 24 February 2020 Friday 3 April 2020
Summer Term 2020  Monday 20 April 2020 Friday 22 May 2020

(May Day Bank Holiday 4 May)

Half term Monday 25 May 2020 Friday 29 May 2020


Monday 1 June 2020 Tuesday 21 July 2020































Please note the number of inset days will remain the same - two at the beginning of Autumn term, plus another 8 inset days to be allocated.


If you wish to offer any feedback on this change please contact my PA, Julie Rickard at by Wednesday 28 November 2018