Year 7 Monitoring Evening

If you are the parent or carer of a child in Year 7 you will now need to book a place on our Year 7 Monitoring Evening. This is an important opportunity for all parents and carers to meet with tutors at what is such a vital stage of Year 7. Tutors will share your child's successes so far, and will also be able to identify any areas of improvement surrounding behaviour and attainment, making sure we continue on a positive path for the rest of the year. Please click on the the student's tutor name to bring you to our booking page.


A Sesay


S Ahmed


L Oriss


J Martin


G Abel


I Sandhu


F Nasir


If for any reason you cannot attend the evening or you have any questions relating to the monitoriing evening please get in touch with the Head of Year Ms. Mcmillan here