Year 7 Easter Assessment Timetable

 Year 7 Easter Exam Timetable 

  • All students are to register with their lesson then come down to the hall. Students with access arrangements will then be taken from the hall.
  • All students are expected to attempt all assessments to the best of their ability, showing the courage and ambition to unlock their potential.
  • If a student is absent for an exam they will have to catch up on the exams missed when they are next in school.
  • If a student does not complete the exam to the best of their ability, they will redo their assessment after school.
  • Results from the assessments could impact students’ sets. Any changes to class sets and timetables will take place after Easter holidays.
  • Students will register in their normal lessons and come down in silence, in alphabetical order with their classroom teacher. This includes students who have access arrangements.
  • Students must have a clear pencil case for their exams. The invigilator should be able to see everything in the pencil case. All phones must be in silence in school bags. Smart watches must be removed and placed on the desk
  • Students may have a bottle of water for their exams. However, the bottle must have the label removed. All other drinks are not permitted.



Periods 1 to 3

8.50 to 10.50

Periods 4 to 6

11.10 to 13.10

Periods 7 to 8

13.50 to 15.10

Monday 19th February

English Assessment – 45 minutes

Normal lessons

Reading Lesson Period 7.

Then head to Period 8.


Geography Assessment – 50 minutes

Tuesday 20th February

History Assessment – 50 minutes

Normal lessons

Normal lessons

Wednesday 21st February

Science Assessment – 1 hour 30 minutes

Normal lessons

Normal lessons

Thursday 22nd February

Normal lessons

Normal lessons

Maths Assessment – 1 hour