On Saturday 30th June all new pupils for Year 7 will be able to buy their School Uniform here on site.

Opening Times will be:

10:00am - 12:30pm


13:00pm - 15:30pm

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Parents Evenings

Parents Evening Calendar

Day Date year event
Thursday 14th September 11 Year 11 one on one meeting with SLT - Low Att8 or Pro8
Thursday 5th October 7 Year 7 Information Evening
Thursday 19th October 10 Year 10 Tutor and Information Evening
Wednesday 1st November 11 Year 11 Parents Evening and Information Presentation
Thursday 9th November 12+13 Year 12 and 13 Parents Evening
Thursday 11th January 7 Year 7 Parents Evening
Thursday 25th January 9 Year 9 Parents Evening
Thursday 8th February 8 Year 8 Parents Evening
Thursday 1st March 9 Year 9 Options Evening
Thursday 22nd March 10 Year 10 Parents Evening
Wednesday 28th March 11 Year 11 Parents Evening
Thursday 19th April 12+13 Year 12+13 Parents Evening
Thursday 3rd May 11 Year 11 one on one meeting with SLT - Low Att8 or Pro8