Last Week of Term: End of Day Timings

End of school times will differ across the last week of term as a result of various trips and activities. In these instances students will always be dismissed from school site unless stated and agreed by parent/carer in your trip letter. 

Tuesday 17th July - Sports Day @ Barn Elms 

Finish 14:00pm

Wednesday 18th July & Thursday 19th July - APA Trip Days

Whole School (apart from Year 9):

Arrive at school for 08:45am and finish 14:00pm - Uniform required for all trips apart from Year 10 'Clip and Climb' and 'Paintballing' trips

Year 9 Trip to Olympic Park:

Arrive at school for 08:00am and finish at 16:30pm

Friday 20th July - Last Day of Term

Start at 08:30am and Finish 12:30pm (Uniform required)


Thank you to all parents/carers for your support across this year!

Year 12 Trip to Cambridge University - Robinson College

Recently a group of our Year 12 Students from Ark Putney Academy were invited to a University Taster Day at Robinson College, University of Cambridge. This day offered specific 'Subject Masterclasses' providing our students with the opportunity to explore a subject they are interested in studying at university and may not have previously experienced. With several subject events held on the same day, each event included an introduction to the admissions process, two subject specific academic sessions (lectures and supervision style session), a college tour and the opportunity to explore central Cambridge. Throughout the day there was also the chance to hear about student life from current undergraduates.

 One APA student Khalid Said, studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths A Level took the opportunity to study Engineering:


I participated in the Engineering lessons at Robinsons College, Cambridge. The lessons were taught by the actual Professors of the department of Engineering so it was a great opportunity to meet them and get to know their teaching style, making it a very insightful and enjoyable experience. We learnt more about college life as a whole, as well as the ways in which lessons are conducted. The Engineering course at Robinsons College has a wide variety of modules that expose the students to different aspects of engineering. This moulds the student into a very well rounded and exceptional worker. I was taken on a tour through the department and the facilities that were shown to me were excellent to say the least. Overall the experience was exceptional and I would advise many people to explore potential events at Cambridge