Uniform Policy

The new school logo will be available on all new items of clothing from August onwards. If you intend to make any uniform purchases please do so after this point so that you have uniform with the new logo. Please be aware that there is no expectation for parents to buy new items of uniform as the old logo will be phased out over the next two years. All year 7 students will be dressed in the new logo as we move back in to the new building. The new logo represents both the new glass façade of the building alongside the wavy roof alongside the elephants head which is of historical importance to the academy. 

Download our 2017-18 Uniform Policy here

Our Uniform is provided to Khalsa Schoolwear:

388-390 Bethnal Green Rd,


E2 0AH

Phone: 0207 729 3286

email: info@khalsaschoolwear.co.uk

Website: www.khalsaschoolwear.co.uk