Ark Putney Academy Home-Academy Agreement 2019-2020

Preparing every student to be a pillar of any community

This agreement clarifies and summarises how parents, carers, the Academy, and the student can work to support one another. This guarantees a student’s success in achieving and enjoying the Academy form a Pastoral perspective. Please read the expectations thoroughly and sign at the bottom. This will go onto the student’s file.

Ark Putney Academy’s responsibilities

Staff at APA will:

Parents and carers responsibilities

I/we will:

Student responsibilities

I will:

  • Show Commitment by having the highest expectations for attainment, progress and behaviour.
  • Ensure students experience outstanding teaching and learning and that they are actively engaged.
  • Develop a Growth Mindset in our students.
  • Monitor student progress through Effort and put intervention in place if required.
  • Mark student books and give regular feedback.
  • Return calls or emails within 24 hours on Academy days.
  • Develop Teamwork by ensuring that all Key Stage 3 students attend at least one extracurricular activity every week.
  • Provide extension opportunities to Gifted and Talented students to grow Enthusiasm.
  • Provide updates on your child’s progress 5 times per year.
  • Grow Independence by providing thorough homework around a pre-arranged timetable, on a system which parents/carers can log in to.
  • Praise and recognise students’ achievement and progress in displays and during awards evenings in our Community.
  • Apply the behaviour policy consistently and fairly to all students.
  • Support APA’s equal opportunities policy.
  • Show Commitment by ensuring that my/our child attends the Academy every day even if they feel unwell and is on site by 8.20.
  • Not book appointments or holidays in term time.
  • Ensure that my/our child wears correct uniform to and from the Academy.
  • Support my/our child’s Effort by attending parents/carers’ evenings or book a meeting before the event if I/we are unable to make it.
  • Encourage Teamwork by ensuring that my/our child attends at least one extracurricular activity every week.
  • Sign reports every night if my/our child is on report.
  • Develop Enthusiasm by discussing homework and encourage my/our child to complete it to a high standard.
  • Discuss the book my/our child is currently reading.
  • Develop Independence by ensuring that my/our child attends all intervention sessions.
  • Contact APA to discuss issues that may be affecting my/our child’s learning or behaviour.
  • Book an appointment with reception if I/we wish to visit or meet staff.
  • Provide up to date contact details.
  • Support our Community and all of its policies including the 60 minute on the day Detention and Uniform and Electronics policy.
  • Show Commitment by attending the Academy every day even if I am feeling unwell and aim for 96% attendance.
  • Ensure I am at the Academy by 8.20am.
  • Put Effort into my schooling, especially class and homework.
  • Wear the correct uniform to and from the Academy and bring my APA 10-a-day in a pencil case.
  • Show Teamwork by working with others.
  • Not answer back to staff, or refuse a reasonable request.
  • Follow APA’s behaviour policy at all times.
  • Not bring any banned items into the Academy.
  • Show Enthusiasm by participating in at least one extra-curricular activity per week.
  • Show Independence by keeping my Independence card in my pocket so I know where to be during the day.
  • Always carry my reading book, second Independence card, and Academy materials in my APA bag.
  • Report any bullying in our Community.
  • Behave in a way that will make the outside Community impressed with APA students.
  • Support APA’s equal opportunities policy.

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With excellent teaching every student can realise their academic potential. By the age of 18 we expect every student to be appropriately qualified to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice.All aspects of academy life are underpinned by the highest expectations.

At ARK Putney Academy we believe that everyone in our learning community is capable of excellence. We care for and respect everyone in the school community. We do not accept any excuses.

  • At GCSE we aim for 80% of students to gain five or more good passes including English and maths.
  • In the sixth form we expect a 100% pass rate in all A level courses.

We work closely with ARK Schools to foster strong relationships with universities and our students have access to ARK’s University Success Programme. Through ARK Schools our sixth form students can apply for a number of higher education bursaries.

ARK Putney Academy aims to provide the highest standard of teaching. We expect lessons to be challenging, engaging and effectively designed so that every student makes exceptional progress.

ARK Putney Academy is committed to training and developing all our staff and we work closely with the ARK Schools network to support this.

  • ARK Schools’ external monitoring and assessment process helps us to maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning across ARK Putney Academy and to ensure that students are appropriately stretched and challenged and their progress is accurately measured.
  • The academy provides time every week for staff training and development.

We ensure a calm, safe and orderly environment in which our students can focus on learning and teachers on teaching.

We expect lessons to be uninterrupted and all students to focus on maximising their effort and securing exceptional progress.

We endeavour, through all that we do, to foster a culture of respect which values every individual in our community. With a strong emphasis on personal accountability we encourage our students to make a significant contribution to their academy through House Committees and the Student Council.

Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills throughout their time at the academy. These are modelled by our Year 11 student leaders and sixth form prefects.

  • We maintain a rigorous and consistently applied behaviour for learning policy.
  • The academy does not tolerate bullying or disrespectful behaviour of any kind.