Attendance and Punctuality Policy:

For the academic year 2017-18 attendance at APA Year 7-11 was 95.8%

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Ark Putney Academy Attendance Policy

This Policy represents our commitment to striving for 100% attendance, which is achieved by many of our children. It sets out the principles, procedures and practices the Academy will undertake. Strategies, sanctions and possible legal consequences of poor attendance and punctuality are also detailed, as well as rewards for, and benefits of, good attendance. This policy will be reviewed, amended as necessary and published annually in accordance with current legislation and guidance.


• Receiving a full-time, suitable education is a child's legal entitlement. It is parents' and carers' legal responsibility to ensure this happens.

• Attending the academy regularly aids intellectual, social and emotional development.

• Attending the academy regularly safeguards the welfare of children whilst they are not in the care of their parents.

• All children whose attendance is poor will be treated as vulnerable. These principles are enshrined in British law within the Education Act 1996, the Children Act 1989, and other associated pieces of legislation.

Aims of the Policy

• To ensure that all children attend as near full-time as possible, in order to maximise their educational achievement and social development.

• To discharge the Academy's duty to safeguard its students to be best of its ability.

• To ensure that all those responsible for children's education, including parents, carers, staff and governors understand and accept their responsibilities in relation to attendance.

• To minimise absence from the academy, thereby reduce levels of persistent absence.

• To improve the life chances of Ark Putney Academy students and prepare them to be fully contributing citizens when they reach adulthood.