The First Term of Year 7 at Ark Putney Academy

First day of school

We stagger our return to school for students in September. Year 7 begin one day early so they can familiarise themselves with the academy and staff before the older students arrive the following day. The first day for year 7 doesn’t have any formal lessons but is packed with orienteering challenges to help students find their way around the building and team games in form groups so they can get to know their peers. We also use this day make sure that all uniform is correct and that students know the academy’s expectations and are fully prepared for Secondary school life!

"I enjoyed my first day so much! All of the staff - my tutor and teachers etc. were encouraging us to try our hardest. I have enjoyed all of the lessons and resources here that aren't at any other local secondary schools - thelanguages lab, the drama theatre etc." Charlie - Current Year 7 Student

"On the first day of school I felt very encouraged to make new friends. The thing I have enjoyed most about school is that all our teachers are very kind." - Gabriela - Current Year 7 Student

"Moving to secondary school has been amazing; the teachers are nice and they help you when you are stuck. Everything is great about APA." - Angela - Current Year 7 Student

"I've really enjoyed all the different sports clubs on offer!" - Taylor - Current Year 7 Student


Early October – Parents Information Evening

At the beginning of October we invite all parents of Year 7 students into school to meet with form tutors and discuss how their child has settled into the academy and made the transition into secondary school. This is also a great opportunity to raise any questions you might have about the academy and your child’s progress. A representative from the PTA will also be at this event who you can ask about their experience as a parent at the school if you wish. We encourage all new parents to join the PTA as it’s a great way for us to maintain strong communications with the families of our students and work together to achieve the best outcomes possible. If you would to know more about being a parent at Ark Putney Academy please feel free to contact our PTA on and quiz some current parents with your questions!

Early November – First Celebration of Achievement

At the beginning of November we hold our first praise and reward afternoon for year 7. This is an afternoon out of timetabled lessons with pizza and games for those who had outstanding attitude to learning scores in their first half term report.

“Rewards afternoons are SO FUN. I’ve been to every one! We get to listen to music and play games and eat pizza. It really encourages you to work hard and do your best” Alexandra Pulit - Current Year 8 Student

December – Second Celebration of Achievement

In December we hold our second praise and reward afternoon for year 7. This is for students who met the school guidelines for attendance and punctuality and for those who excelled form group competitions.

Here's what some of current Year 8 students had to say about their expeirences of their first year at Ark Putney...

“The best thing about this school is the opportunities it’s given me. I love sports and here I’m always challenged to push myself. I’m allowed to play football with the boys and join any team I want, you don’t get that at most other schools.” Nicol Ramos-Nardello

“I love the choir, I’ve learnt loads of new techniques and seen places I wouldn’t have otherwise. The ‘Sing into Spring’ trip was amazing, the harmonies I heard really brought a smile to my face. I want to thank Mr Marshall for that!” Alexandra Pulit

But don't take our word for it...

If you would like to come on a tour of the school please get in touch with our Vice Principal Jackie White on and we will have a member of staff or one of our students show you around our fantastic new building!

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