Please find see our full Behaviour Policy 

All members of the academy community have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. All members of the academy community have the responsibility to uphold our behaviour policy. 

ARK Putney Academy is committed to being a high achieving learning environment which is underpinned by effective management of student behaviour. All members of the academy community are expected to support the academy ethos and help maintain an atmosphere which is conducive to great learning. All adults employed in the Academy are responsible for the leadership of student behaviour.

Excellent behaviour is central to educational success and success in future life. 


Pillars for exemplary behaviour

ARK Putney Academy aims to create and to maintain a community which is considerate, and where all interactions involving staff and students are based on mutual respect and good manners. 

All adults within the academy community will model, through all aspects of our work, the behaviours that we seek to instil in our students, and we will not tolerate any behaviour that hinders the learning and progress of others. 

APA‘s pillars will be upheld through explicit teaching as well as through our actions and interactions with students. 

  • Effort – Behaviour that leads to an outstanding level of focus on learning with the individual doing all that is asked to the very best of their ability. 
  • Enthusiasm - Behaviour that communicates an enthusiasm for learning and for making a positive contribution to academy life. 
  • Independence – Behaviour that displays a growing level of self-discipline, demonstrating an ability to work alone and complete tasks to a high standard. 
  • Team work – Behaviour that displays the ability to work effectively with others, whilst maintaining a clear focus on the task in hand. 
  • Commitment - Behaviour that displays the individual‘s commitment to finishing what they start, whether academic work, membership of a team or participation in an activity. 
  • Community – Behaviour that displays a willingness to make a positive contribution when it is needed and a willingness to support and encourage others in what they do. 

It is a requirement of every member of staff to consistently apply and uphold the academy behaviour expectations in the classroom, around the school and when supervising students outside of the school.