Homework at Ark Putney Academy

At Ark Putney we set all our homework through the Show My Homework website. - All students should have been issued with login details for SMHW, if you are a current student at APA and you don't have your login information, please make sure you obtain this from your tutor.

Once you have your login details, you can access Show My Homework here or if it is your first time using the platform, try this link to show you how to get started:

Homework Timetable

Homework Protocols

Homework is an integral part of the learning process and an important component of our curriculum.

Homework has these important objectives:

To reinforce concepts and skills taught in the classroom.

To develop thinking and study skills.

To promote student responsibility, initiative and self-direction.

To enlighten parents/carers as to course content and teacher expectation.

To encourage carry-over of worthwhile school activities into lasting leisure interests.

As with all schoolwork, but specifically with homework, the interaction among the teacher-student-parent is essential for successful completion of the tasks. Yet, the final responsibility for completing the homework rests with the students.

All staff must ensure that students write down both the homework title and completion/submission date into their planners at the start of every lesson, staff are responsible for dealing with students who fail to complete homework as per the academy policy.


Key Stage 3 Guidelines

Core subjects 

1.5 hours per week (English, Maths)

1 hour per week (Science)


Foundation subjects

1 hour, 2 per cycle (History, Geography)

1 hour, 3 per cycle (Modern foreign languages) 

45 mins 1 per cycle (DT, Drama, Music, Art)