Here at Ark Putney Academy sport has gone from strength to strength. We have had more students competing in sport than ever before with sports teams across all year groups and participation in many sports such as football, rugby, basketball, netball, athletics and rowing at a high. Not only have we seen participation rise but we have also seen success in many of these sports increase and this is down to the commitment and effort of both students and staff. One of the stand out things however at events is our image as a school although we are building our reputation as a competitive school with great talent we lack the professional outfit to go with that reputation, many of our school team kits are old, do not fit students and do not represent our school colours meaning we look very out of place and many a time kids feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to wear it.



So with this in mind we would like to raise money to purchase sports kits for the following teams: Football, Basketball and Netball. We are hoping that with your help we can outfit our students in the Ark Putney colours and have them feeling proud of their kit when representing the school. Our students teamed up with Fulham FC and got the opportunity to design their dream kit. We are very excited to reveal it below.....



We now need the support of everyone in the Ark Community to realise our dream.


If you would like to help us reach our goal then please visit our Just Giving page on the link below