There have recently been a number of measles cases in the local area. If you do not know your vaccination status please seek advice from your GP as soon as possible.


Please be aware that the Academy will be open as normal from Tuesday 10th December for all students.




My Child at School

My Child at School is the fastest and most direct way to check your child's progress at school. You can access it by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page or on the top right of our home screen.

Here are a few tips to help you get set up....


Input the school ID – 11342

Input your username

Input your password



You may now see this screen. Please do not click ‘later’ – fill in the details.



Here is the MCAS home screen. These boxes provide an overview of information. If you click the ‘More’ box in the top right of the blue 'Behaviour' box you can gain more detailed access to the information.




By clicking ‘more’ on the behaviour module, you can access a record of your child’s rewards and sanctions. The day will be coloured green if your child has only received positive points. If your child has received any negatives, the day will be turned red.

If you double click on the date, it will provide you with a summary of the events and the comments from staff for that particular day.

Once our trial is complete and your feedback is taken on board, we will add detail to the system such as reports, exam timetables, a more detailed school calendar, etc.