Ark Putney Academy has opened our Pillar Reflection Centre (PRC)

The aim of the PRC is to:

  • Keep disaffected students/those with emotional problems in school and working whilst seeking to address their behaviors and to reintegrate them back into mainstream classes as quickly as possible.
  • Minimize the disruption caused by the most difficult students without excluding them.
  • Provide short–term teaching support which mirrors the classroom curriculum.
  • Provide a base for internal exclusions and behavior management sessions.
  • Providing an atmosphere that encourages consideration for others is essential to effective behavior management. Learning is facilitated by an environment that provides stimulation and opportunity for interaction with others, enables individuals to realize their learning potential according to their own needs and current mental state and encourages development of self-esteem.
  • Monitor and liaise with offsite alternative educational providers.
  • Be a source of information/training for the parent programme Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities.

Some quotes from students who have spent time in the PRC:

"I was in the PRC because I was fighting. Ms Williams helped the situation for me and the other person, and we said our apologies. The PRC is good for reflecting on our mistakes and fixing them. We also have time to do our school work so we don't miss out." Student - Year 9

"I was in the PRC for truanting lessons. It has helped me to change my ways and be a better person by guiding me to do the right thing and avoid bad choices. The PRC has also helped me to tell other people to start doing the right thing and avoid going into the PRC or isolation." Student - Year 11

About Maureen Williams

I have been working with children for over ten years in different capacities.  It has proved to be a rewarding and fulfilling purpose for me. I have gained valuable experience in demanding and challenging work environments and I feel this has afforded me to broaden my career further in this area. This led me to pursue studying behaviour further in 2014 at The Tavistock and Portman in collaboration with The University of East London. I embarked upon a course (Emotional Factors in Teaching & Learning; Counselling Aspects in Education). This course gave me the ability to explore the emotional factors and mental processes that helps and hinders learning. I have completed this course and attained a postgraduate Certificate and Diploma. This course has also generated an interest in me attending a 13 week programme in March 2015 called; Straightening Families, Straightening Communities, this programme is designed to help parents rise the aspirations and performance of their children. I found that both these courses complimented each other in terms of supporting children and parents and the lasting effect it will have on our communities in the future!  I am currently training to become a facilitator to run groups Straightening Families, Straightening Communities and I am hoping to be accredited by the Race Equality Foundation by December 2017. 


Pupil Reflection Centre