Teaching British Values through Music

In Music lessons students are taught to:

The music curriculum reflects the diversity of the student body by covering music from around the world; from Western Classical music to Fusion music. Keyboard topics also cover scales influenced by Indian and Chinese music, as well as covering music post 00’s. Music equips students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to discover and develop their vocal or instrumental skills through class topics and band lessons.


• Further their self -confidence and self -esteem through musical performances either a group or individually.

• Accept responsibility for their behaviour and act as independent creative musicians, as well as supporting the development of their peers through helping and encouraging each other.


Key Stage 3

Year 7

In year 7, students will be introduced to some of the basic concepts in music, such as melody, rhythm, structure, texture and how they are used in music from a variety of cultures. They will use keyboards, percussion instruments in groups and be introduced to Garage Band in our IT Suite, learning to mix pre-recorded loops. All Year 7 students have access to a free group instrumental or vocal lesson, choosing from Guitar, Singing, Piano or Drum Kit. Areas students explore are, Stomp, Pentatonic scales (keyboards), Garage band, and 4 chords band songs which they perform on their chosen instrument that they have learnt in band lessons.

Year 8

The year 8 curriculum builds on the skills gained in Year 7, continuing to use keyboards, percussion instruments and Garage Band in the IT Suite. The emphasis with Garage Band this year is beginning to create your own tracks and record them. Students will play and study music including European popular music – exploring the use of chords and harmony, repeating patterns and rhythms, the Blues, exploring improvisation, and looking at Programme Music. Year 8 can attend production club and band lessons. During lunch time and afterschool.

Year 9

In year 9 students will continue to work with keyboards, percussion instruments and Garage Band in the IT Suite. Musical styles and genres featured include Reggae, Jazz and Film Music. Each genre will focus on music techniques used to create the style, students will focus on how the music is created and what makes it fit a certain genre, this is similar to BTEC music. Year 9 Students can participate in a band extra-curricular club.


Key Stage 4

Music is an Option Subject in Year 10 and Year 11. Students work towards entering Music, following the BTEC Syllabus. There are 3 coursework components

  • Component 1 Exploring the music industry 30% of grade
  • Component 2 Music Skills Development 30% of grade
  • Component 3 Responding to a music Brief 40% of grade

Year 10

Students commence or continue with instrumental or vocal lessons, provided free by the school. All students are expected to join a club. Instrumentalists are expected to practice in addition to their lessons. Lunch time practise rooms are available to book

All students are introduced to Garage Band in our Apple Mac Suite. They complete a variety of composition exercises. As part of their year 10 coursework, they will explore different genres in music starting from the 60’s and be expected to present a number of performances and create compositions in different styles. They will also need to complete written coursework in forms such as essays and blogs.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the skills required to succeed in the music industry. They will be expected to use these skills throughout the course.


Year 11

In year 11, students will continue their instrumental or vocal lessons, provided free by the school. Singers will still be expected to attend choir, and instrumentalists will be expected to practice in addition to their lessons.

The focus of the lessons will move towards preparing them from their final piece of coursework which entails creating planning and developing a cover version of a song. This song is decided by BTEC each year.

Student will work within three disciplines:

  • Creating
  • Producing
  • Performing

Students will gain the skills needed to be able to produce music in all three disciplines