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6 December 2019


Dear parent carer

Monday 9 December – Full closure for KS3 only

I am writing to advise you that we have reluctantly decided to close KS3 all day on Monday 9 December.  This applies to years 7-9 only.  The Academy will remain open for KS4 and KS5.


We continue to have major issues with staffing, with nearly one third of teachers off sick today.  I am already aware that I have a high number of staff certified as sick for Monday, meaning that we will be unable to cover classes effectively. 


However, by having years 10-13 in school we can continue to provide these exam groups with a quality experience.


I expect all students to return to the Academy on Tuesday 10 December.


Thank you for your support.


Kind regards


Alison Downey



New GCSE headline figures and grades


The way that a school will be judged in the league tables from 2016 onwards has now changed. Rather than focusing on the percentage of students that achieve 5A*-C grades including a pass in English and Maths, schools will be judged on five new measures.

  • Progress 8
  • Attainment 8
  • % pass in English and Maths combined
  • % achieving a pass in the EBacc
  • Destination data

In addition, from 2016 onwards, subjects will be graded using a new system. English and Maths will use this system for their year 10 students from September 2015. Other subjects will follow suit in September 2016.

The aim of this document is to simplify the changes so that teachers, students and parents can start to feel confident about how the school and the students will be assessed.

New headline measures – Below is an explanation of the 5 new measures.

1.Attainment 8

The Attainment 8  grade is the total number of points a student achieves in their main 8 GCSE qualifications. Now let us discuss what this means.

The Main 8 GCSE Qualifications

Only certain combinations of subjects are included in the Attainment 8 measure. If a student chooses a combination that does not fit within the Attainment 8 grouping, then they will lose a considerable number of points.

The subject groupings are split into 4 pots or buckets

  • English – this pot is worth double points – only if a student takes Language and Literature.
  • Maths – this pot is also worth double points
  • EBacc qualifications – you must have 3 in this grouping
  • Other qualifications – the other subjects will go in here

  • English Pot
    • A student must complete two English GCSEs
    • This can be either English language or English literature
    • The higher English GCSE grade will go into the ENGLISH POT and will be worth double points
    • The other English grade can go into pots 6,7 or 8 in the Other qualification pot
  • Maths Pot
    • A student must complete a GCSE in Maths
    • This will go in the MATHS pot and will be worth double points
  • EBacc Pots
    • A student needs to complete at least 3 GCSEs in the EBacc subjects.
    • These are:
      • Science – each science GCSE is worth one pot
        • Single science – one pot
        • Core and Additional science – two pots
        • Core, Additional and Further science – three pots
        • Biology, Chemistry and Physics – three pots
      • Geography – worth one pot
      • History – worth one pot
      • French – worth one pot
      • Spanish – worth one pot
      • German – worth one pot
      • Computer science – worth one pot
        • If a student has more than three EBacc subjects, the other grades can go in the “Other qualification” pots.
  • Other qualification pots
    • Three GCSE qualifications will fill the “Other qualification” pots.
    • These will be:
      • Another English GCSE if sat
      • Any other EBacc subjects if the three EBacc pots have been taken up
      • All other GCSE qualifcations
        • Art
        • Product design
        • Catering
        • Music
        • Drama
        • Media studies
        • P.E
      • Maximum of two BTECs