APA launch our NEW Virtual Gallery

Wednesday 10 June 2020

The Photography initiative, it's purpose and the importance of the online exhibition - Ms Johnson

When it was announced that schools needed to close and isolation/quarantine was imposed, I felt an initial sense of communal and social segregation; everything that enabled us to connect physically with one another was put on hold and asked of us to refrain from. I then realised that collectively, we were being brought together by this very experience, the experience of isolation. 

I felt it was an important and even a necessary opportunity to use this collective experience as a way of bringing us closer together, whilst remaining apart. It was a way of allowing a visual dialogue to emerge within the APA community. A narrative of isolation could be told, through a variety of lenses.

In art, an exhibition is a way of celebrating and amplifying the narrative of the artist's work and allows an audience to access the work in the present day, whilst simultaneously experiencing the context of its making, in the past. 

The online, virtual gallery (designed and installed by our amazing YR12 student Cooper Bolinius) allows the APA community to reconnect with one another, engage with each other through a collective experience and most importantly, celebrate the diversity of it's entries and responses to the term 'Isolation'.

Cooper says;

Even though “isolation” connotes solemnness, being alone, being secluded, I believe this time has actually brought us all closer together as a society. Families which normally may only get to see each other a few hours a day are now interacting with each other more than ever. Friends are reaching out to others, video chatting, talking more than they did before. With people working from home, they’ve gotten more used to using videos from their offices and living rooms; maybe they’ve attended an online pub quiz, a group meetup, or learnt something new in a webinar. Maybe they participate in a school event, such as a photography exhibition! Even though we’ve all grown physically apart, we’ve emotionally all become so much closer.

Please click on the image below to enter the virtual gallery: