APA Sports Day 2018

Monday 23 July 2018

Amazing athletic feats at this year's APA Sports Day at Barn Elms, in which Houses went head to head to take home the title. As well as demonstrating excellent commitment and determination, we saw fantastic scenes of teamwork as Houses supported each other and worked together to aim for Gold. 

One of the key stories this year is the sheer amount of record breakers we had! Check out the list below for our Sports Day Superstars!


New Sports Day Records:

Name Year Event  Time/Distance  
Sapphire  7 100m 30.5s  
Mica 7 200m 27.41s  
Taylor V 7 300m 54.03s  
Jayda 7 Long Jump 4.43m  
Turing House 7 Girl's Relay 60.87s  
Luca 7 300m 47.56s  
Elyaas 7 1500m 5m53s  
Turing House 7 Boy's Relay 59.12s  
Leo 8 Long Jump 4.70m  
Nicole 9 1500m 6m37s  
Tyrese 9 200m 24.53s  
Tyrese 9 Long Jump 5.26m  
Fatima 10 Javelin 15.49m  
Simeon 10 100m 11.90s  
Manni 10 1500m 5m12s  
Mark 10 High Jump 1.60m  
Manni 10 Long Jump 4.86m  
Isaac 10 Shot Putt 9.90m  
Cameron 10 Javelin 26.86m  
Rowling 10 Boy's Relay 52.66s