Ark Putney students meet President Barack Obama!

Thursday 28 April 2016

Ark Putney students attend inspiring speech by the President of the United States

On Saturday 23rd April five incredibly lucky Sixth Form students from Ark Putney Academy were selected to meet Barack Obama at a town hall meeting in central London. The students were selected after the American Ambassador, Matthew Barzun spoke to our Sixth Form and was so impressed that he invited them to meet Obama. Accompanied by Mr Davison; Maia, William, Rosalee, Xavier and Francini all had the chance to hear Obama speak and then deliver an extended question and answer session with a range of young people from schools and universities all over the country. They all came away feeling truly inspired and energised by his words.

Francini, who was also interviewed by Reuters immediately after the speech, told the press; ‘it was an honour to meet him. Obama really encouraged us to fight for the things we believe in to create change in the world.’ And Maia told us that ‘he reflected on his achievements and his faults and also showed great ambition and optimism for the future. My inspiration? I believe so!’ The students even appeared on television during the event and afterwards, when they were interviewed for channel 4 news!

It would be fair to say that this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students and and an incredibly proud moment for Ark Putney Academy. Let’s hope some of the inspiration rubs off on all of us!

To hear the full speech and Q&A session and see if you can spot our students click here.