Bursary Winners 2021

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Ark Putney Academy 6th Form are celebrating another incredible year for bursaries - money donated by organisations to support students with their university fees. These bursaries contribute towards the cost of tuition and maintenance fees and do not need to be paid back. These large sums of money are life-changing for our students. 

Amera Badawy - £50,000 Aurum Environmental Fund

Amera has been living as an independent and supporting herself with part-time work throughout her studies. The Aurum Environmental fund offers her £50,000, mentoring across her 3 year degree and paid work experience placements to help boost her graduate prospects. Amera won one of the two £50,000 bursaries available across the entire Ark network. She is off to study Environmental Anthropology at University of Sussex in September. Amera says ' as soon as I found out I burst into tears. My teachers really advocate for me and are constantly helping me to find and apply for opportunities to help me on my pathway. Things have been really difficult for me over the last few years, and so this bursary is completely life changing - not just financially, but the paid work placements and mentoring support will be great. Long term I want to work with the UN, focusing on how climate change affects ethnic minorities and helping less able countries to combat global warming. I can't wait to start my journey'.

Leyla Ibrahim - £9,000 Marshall Wace Fund


'I am extremely grateful for this and I honestly couldn't have done it without my teachers. My degree in Sociology at UCL will take me into humanitarian aid and development work and this financial support means that an entire year of my tuition fees is covered. Thank you so much!' 

Ebony Regulus Jean - £9,000 Marshall Wace 

'As a young person from Tower Hamlets, the statistics in relation to young people moving on to top universities and successfully completing their courses are not great. Today I am celebrating my offer to study International Law and Globalisation at University of Birmingham AND my £9k bursary that will help me so much. As a Law student I will need to take lots of unpaid placements over the summer and holidays to really build my career - this money will help me do that. To all the staff at Ark Putney I want to say just how grateful I am for all the 1:1 feedback I got with application and the continued support I have had.'

Amin Anouer - £9,000 Marshall Wace 

'I am off to Queen Mary's University to study Computer Science and I am really excited for this new opportunity. A massive thank you to my head of year for being a big help during the whole process. Presenting yourself to a panel of strangers can be a very daunting experience but it was so worthwhile and a great experience for self-development'.  

Nour Sannoufa - £9,000 Marhsall Wace

'I am so thankful for my head of year who really pushed me to apply and supported me. This has truly given me a chance of a better future - I'm off to study Neuroscience at Sussex University and this bursary will help support me financially so I can volunteer with NHS over holidays'.

Carla Chavez Salazar £3,000 Marshall Wace 

'One thing that really sticks in my mind about this whole process is how it has really forced me to work on my own speaking and presenting skills. As a native Spanish speaker this was one thing I always lacked confidence in. Now I actually feel like I am more prepared for University and I can bring these skills forward to my course 'Law with Sociology' at Royal Holloway University.'