GCSE Results Day 2021

Friday 13 August 2021


Despite the ongoing impact of the covid-19 pandemic, we are celebrating our GCSE results following another challenging academic year. With the continued disruption to their education, students could not take examinations in the usual way and instead received teacher-assessed grades based on what they had been taught, not what they missed. Ark Putney is part of the Ark network of 38 multi-academy schools, which has supported schools with a three-strand programme that focused on enabling digital access for all students, protecting their mental health and helping students catch up on lost learning. Each student was issued with a chrome book to ensure that all students were able to access digital learning at home. All lessons were taught remotely following the full timetable with students logging on at 8.30 to access tutor time and assembles followed by a six -period day of full learning. Students were taught live via MS Teams using a range of digital tools with classes being supported by TAs. When the students resumed their face to face school experience, they started a full revision programme, which prepared them for their final exams which replicated real GCSEs. Among Ark Putney Academy’s high performers in this year’s GCSE’s were:


Remon Sarker & Danyal Khan

Remon Sarker scooped an outstanding 9 GCSE’s at grade 9 and 1 GCSE at grade 8. He says ‘I’d like to thank my teachers, family and friends who believed in me and inspired me to work hard during such a difficult period. It is my long-term goal to study medicine and these results will really set me up for A Levels’.



Danyal Khan is another student celebrating phenomenal academic success today, with a total of 7 x 9s, 2 x 8s and 1 x 7. Danyal says ‘if you have curiosity and a goal in mind you will able to succeed no matter what your background. I am so looking forward to delving into my A Level subjects next year. As a first-generation to Uni student it is my plan to go on to study Chemistry after 6th Form. My parents are really proud of me’.


Another Student Hun-Ji Kim balances her semi-pro golfing career with a complete dedication to her schoolwork. Today she celebrates an incredible 6 x 9s, 3 x 8s and 1 x 7. She joins Ark Putney in the 6th Form to study a suite of Science A Levels in September.


We also celebrate the successes of our students who have overcome great adversity during their time here. Zane Buanani-Smith experienced significant challenges during KS3 & 4 as well as being a young carer for his father. Zane’s attendance suffered massively as well his attainment. Today he celebrates the following results: 9, 8, 7, 7, 7, 6, 6, 5 and Distinction* in Sport BTEC. He says ‘the staff at APA really lifted me up when things were hard. I felt that as soon as I started making the effort I saw positive results. This spurred me on, and I found myself wanting to come in to school. I want to be a reference point for people going through similar things – it's literally down to you but I am proof that you can be successful.’


Zane Buanini-Smith


Student Sophie Leahy is another student who has made huge improvement over the last few years. With attendance moving from an average of 50% at Ks3 to 96% y Y11, Sophie now celebrates a x1 9, x2 8s, 4x 7s, 1x 6 & 1x 5. She says ‘when I started realising that I was doing this for myself and my future something suddenly clicked. I started to achieve because I was investing in myself. For me success is happiness – I feel like I have achieved that, I hope to continue that into 6th form.’



Head of Year Ms Cameron & Sophie Leahy


Maicha Gilbert has won a place at the London Screen Academy 6th Form to study Post-Production course, she says ‘I’m really pleased with my results, and I am so excited for the next chapter. I would like to thank my careers teacher for helping me find this opportunity, I would like to say even when life is hard, you never stop doubting yourself – there can be a happy ending if you make it one’



Maicha Gilbert and Chevonne Bailey


Ark Putney Academy Principal Alison Downey: “Seeing such strong results today and the joy on our students faces today is truly wonderful. It is a testament to our student’s hard work, dedication and resilience in a difficult academic year. I’d also like to thank all staff for their endless support this year. They, like the students, have had to adapt to a different way of teaching using digital tools to ensure that all students had the opportunity to attend all of their lessons from home.