Sapphire Wins

Wednesday 20 October 2021

An immerse essay writing competition, found on an Instagram ad by Miss McCormack, required students to write an essay in response to a pre-set question on a topic of the student’s choice. APA student Sapphire Rodriguez in Year 9 took part, with the question ‘Is stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving family a crime?’  

According to Miss McCormack, Sapphire wrote a thought-provoking, persuasive essay that changed her opinion after she read it. While taking part in this competition, she demonstrated independence, commitment, and excellent writing skills which aided her in completing the winning essay. It took Sapphire 8 days to write the essay and with no research at all - accumulating her ideas solely through her own thoughts on the topic, showing great self-determination. Sapphire is one out of the ten winners from around the world and will spend two weeks at Oxford/Cambridge university next summer where she will be attending 40 hours of lectures, formal dinners, receiving mentoring and more all part-funded. She’s looking forward to spending time in the libraries at Oxford/Cambridge and is hoping to meet a range of different people. 

Sapphire was driven by her strong passion for music, motivated by her future goal of producing music and being a singer. Sapphire stated that this win was entirely unexpected for her, and that she is very proud of herself for achieving this and is looking to participate in more competitions. She encourages other young people to participate in competitions like this as there is a chance of winning and there is no harm in trying. In her opinion, it is important for young people to take part in competitions like this as it teaches them self-discipline and will help them in the future no matter what career path they are looking to go into. An additional piece of advice she would give to young people that would like to take part in competitions like this is to not put pressure on yourself and push yourself over your own limits as no matter what your capabilities are, they are enough. 

By Karina & Elena Y12