Y.13 Enterprise Business Event

Monday 21 May 2018

This Term the Year 13 Professional Pathways Business Students demonstrated Independence and Community Pillar values when they organised a HUGE scale event in our Assembly Hall. Inviting in 8 London Primary Schools to take part ina Business Enterprise Event. 

Blehony, one of the students involved in the event had this to say:

For a Unit in our course 'Managing an Event' we decided to run an Enteprise Game with some local schools. The Enterprise Game gives the children the opportunity to make decisions for their business. They had to create vans and decorate them in accordance to their Business idea as well as identify a unique selling point, jingle and a logo. They then would take it to sellers (Ark Putney Teachers and Students), complete a sales pitch and sell their vans for money. With the money they received they would then go to the traders (us) to buy equipment for more vans/stock, repeating the cycle again until they had built up their Business. We then recorded how much money they made when the 'market closed' and announced winners. Despite the event being a bit overwhelming at times it was really successful and rewarding. The day taught the students the principals of Business and Financial Literacy. For me I think I have strengthened my skills in Event Management. I feel like opportunities like this are really preparing me for the next steps and I am really looking forward to continuing Business Studies at the University of Sussex in September...