Year 10 Outward Bound Trip

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Through our partnership with Berkeley Group, 12 of our Year students were invited to attend a weekend of activities at the Outward Bound centre in Ullswater, Snowdonia. Students and staff left in the early hours of Friday morning and made the long journey up the country arriving at the centre Friday lunctime and immediately kicking off proceedings by...jumping into the lake! The weekend of activities has been supported by two employability sessions with the whole project aim of providing students with resilence, confidence, teamworking and other essential skills alongsode employability. 


"During this trip we collectively worked together while doing different activities; some that we were comfortable with and some that we weren’t. The skills that we had already were developed throughout this weekend, for example teamwork and initiative. One of the activities that let us to expand our teamwork skills was a gorge walk, which required us to help each other climb up several rocky waterfalls supporting one another it also required us to take initiative as someone had to take the lead in this activity. Not only did we develop teamwork and initiative skills but we successfully presented each of the pillars; effort, enthusiasm, community, independence, commitment and teamwork. A variety of activities pushed each and every one of our boundaries and it was for the best. The overall lesson learnt from this trip was that trying things that are out of your comfort zone reveals your true self and although you might not want to have your boundaries pushed it’s a new experience that you can benefit and learn from."