Year 8 Built Environment Networking Event

Thursday 12 July 2018

"On Thursday morning from periods 1-3, Year 8’s had the opportunity to meet people who worked in the Built Environment. We met many people, from Architects, Designers, CAD Technicians, Quantity Surveyors… even a Blacksmith and a Lecturer! During the course of the event we had the chance to talk to them; to understand more about their jobs and why their work was important to the Building Environment.

First, we talked to the volunteers and asked them questions about their work and what they did. This gave us a better understanding of daily duties and people they may work closely with. Then, we conducted a job interview about a person, explaining what they did and the significance of it in the Built Environment. It was a great experience and we learnt about the industry. Many Year 8’s were inspired by this programme and are considering working in the Building Environment in the future. We had an excellent experience… " 


By Alishba, Year 8