Young Enterprise - The Small Business Challenge!

Wednesday 24 January 2018


A Dragons Den style challenge for our Year 8's last week as Young Enterprise held 'The Small Business Challenge'. The event gave students a day in the driving seat of an entrepeneurial business owner - teaching them Financial Literacy, Logo and Branding, Marketing and Campaigns and other key employability skills.


We had this report from APA student Leiah Fiamanya:


'The day centred around starting a small business. In small groups, our task was to buy and improve an existing business. 

We had to design a logo, slogan, t-shirts, a floorplan AND cover finances. The final thing was to write a speech and present it to the 'bank' (judges).

I learnt that creating a business is much harder than I thought - especially thinking of a business name!

I enjoyed the financial side the most because I enjoy Maths and working out sums.

I think I could run my own business in the future but it would be hard to get used to being a Manager!'