Friday 14th February INSET day and Year 11- 13 Half term revision

Friday 14th February - 09:00 - 14:30 - ALL Year 11 students in school 

Please see Y11 letter for half term dates

Friday 14th February is a staff training day. However, several Year 11 & sixth form teachers have requested to teach key stage 4 & 5 lessons on that day to help students prepare for both GCSE's and 6th form up coming mocks on the 24th February. Attendance to these lessons is compulsory. Students should arrive 15 minutes before their lesson in their daily, professional attire. If students would like to remain on site during lunchtime, lunch will be provided free of charge. Students must sign in and out at reception.




Ark Putney shows impressive results in new Government league tables

Ark Putney shows impressive results in new Government league tables

Last week the Department for Education published the 2015 Key Stage 4 league tables, the first to be published with the new Progress 8 measure. Progress 8 is a secondary accountability measure aimed at ascertaining the level of progress pupils make across a selected set of 8 subjects. It is a “value added” measure, meaning that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils with the same prior attainment. Progress 8 calculates how much progress students make between the end of primary school throughout secondary school across the 8 selected subjects.  Ark Putney Academy achieved a value added score of 1037. This puts the school significantly above the national average of 1000 (which would indicate students had made expected progress.) This also puts Putney in the 95th percentile, the top 6% of schools for whom there is available data nationally, and makes us the top school in the Wandsworth borough for this measure. We believe this shows that our teaching and learning environment is a place where students are given the resources to surpass their expectations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and students for their hard work over the last year, it has really paid off!