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6 December 2019


Dear parent carer

Monday 9 December – Full closure for KS3 only

I am writing to advise you that we have reluctantly decided to close KS3 all day on Monday 9 December.  This applies to years 7-9 only.  The Academy will remain open for KS4 and KS5.


We continue to have major issues with staffing, with nearly one third of teachers off sick today.  I am already aware that I have a high number of staff certified as sick for Monday, meaning that we will be unable to cover classes effectively. 


However, by having years 10-13 in school we can continue to provide these exam groups with a quality experience.


I expect all students to return to the Academy on Tuesday 10 December.


Thank you for your support.


Kind regards


Alison Downey




Entry to Sixth Form – Bridging Work

I am delighted that you are joining Ark Putney Academy Sixth Form in September 2017.  The jump from GCSEs to A-levels and BTECs is big and you are required to do some work before you start the course to practice the skills you will need and to start doing independent research into the subjects you have chosen.

Please use the link below to access the Bridging Material for your subject.  You should e-mail the subject teacher if you have any queries.

Art - Y12 induction.docx

Biology - Y12 induction - part 1.docx

Biology - Y12 induction - part 2.docx

Business - Y12 induction.docx

Chemistry - Y12 induction.docx

Drama - Y12 induction.docx

English - Y12 induction.docx

French - Y12 induction.docx

Further Maths - Y12 induction.docx

Geography- Y12 induction.docx

History - Y12 induction - part 1.docx

History - Y12 induction - part 2.docx

Maths - Y12 induction - part 1.docx

Maths - Y12 induction - part 2.docx

Maths - Y12 induction - part 3.docx

Media - Y12 induction.docx

Physics - Y12 induction - part 1.docx

Physics - Y12 induction - part 2.doc

Psychology - Y12 induction.doc

Sociology - Y12 induction.pdf

Sport - Y12 induction.pdf

Please note that all summer work is required to be submitted during the first week of term in September and is required for the Probationary Passport.

Mr M Neuberger

Head of Sixth Form