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6 December 2019


Dear parent carer

Monday 9 December – Full closure for KS3 only

I am writing to advise you that we have reluctantly decided to close KS3 all day on Monday 9 December.  This applies to years 7-9 only.  The Academy will remain open for KS4 and KS5.


We continue to have major issues with staffing, with nearly one third of teachers off sick today.  I am already aware that I have a high number of staff certified as sick for Monday, meaning that we will be unable to cover classes effectively. 


However, by having years 10-13 in school we can continue to provide these exam groups with a quality experience.


I expect all students to return to the Academy on Tuesday 10 December.


Thank you for your support.


Kind regards


Alison Downey





ARK Putney Academy students are celebrating record achievement at A level. 82% of students achieved at least three A level or equivalent passes with 21% of students achieving at least 340 UCAS points (equivalent to AAB grades).

Including all A level and equivalent qualifications:

  • 40% of entries were graded A*-B
  • 66% were graded A*-C
  • 96% achieved a grade of A*-E
  • The average point score per A level student (including equivalents) was 637.3 points
  • 21% of students achieved at least 340 UCAS points (the equivalent of grades AAB)

Year 12 AS level students achieved a considerable improvement on the 2012 grades:

  • 41% of grades were A – B (2012, 28 %)
  • 60% of grades were A – C (2012, 51 %)
  • 94% of grades were A – E (2012, 77 %)

ARK Putney Academy Principal, Mark Phillips, said: “We’re very pleased with this year’s A level achievements and with the impressive range of university offers students have achieved. I congratulate our students on their achievements - and thank their teachers for their great commitment over the last two years. 

Among ARK Putney’s A level performers:

  • Jake Taylor achieved A* (Chemistry) A (Mathematics) and A*(Physics) despite having to continue his studies at home, supported by the school for a year, due to illness. Jake intends to study Astrophysics at University College London and has been awarded a Reuban Scholarship to support him in his studies.
  • Sam Houdi achieved grades A* (English Literature), A (History), A (Economics) and A (Psychology) and is going to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at York university.
  • Ramie Farag achieved grades A, (History), A (Economics) and B (English Literature) and will study Law at SOAS.
  • Butrint Vraniqi achieved A* (English Literature), A (History) and A (Drama) and has a place to study History at UCL.
  • Thesina Ahmed achieved A (Chemistry), B (Biology), B (Mathematics) and intends to study pharmacy at University College London.
  • Nausheen Ahmed achieved A (History), B (Economics) and C (Chemistry) and intends to study History at Kings College, London.

Jake Taylor (19) said: 

“ARK Putney has helped me massively. There is a really good connection between the teachers and students. If you ever need help after school, they are always there for you.  Just little things like that really help.

“I am the first in my family to go to university. I’d like a career in astrophysics and do research in astronomy. I also want to work for a space agency.”