Friday 14th February INSET day and Year 11- 13 Half term revision

Friday 14th February - 09:00 - 14:30 - ALL Year 11 students in school 

Please see Y11 letter for half term dates

Friday 14th February is a staff training day. However, several Year 11 & sixth form teachers have requested to teach key stage 4 & 5 lessons on that day to help students prepare for both GCSE's and 6th form up coming mocks on the 24th February. Attendance to these lessons is compulsory. Students should arrive 15 minutes before their lesson in their daily, professional attire. If students would like to remain on site during lunchtime, lunch will be provided free of charge. Students must sign in and out at reception.




APA Very First Careers Fair 2018!

During National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week Ark Putney Academy held its very first 'Careers Fair'. Opening it's doors to a mass of diverse exhibitors; from Technical Higher Educational Institutes and Universities, to Apprenticeship Providers, Local Employers, Charities, Learning Partners and Independent Business Volunteers.

This spanned a wide range of sectors including Healthcare & Medical, Science, Business Consultancy, Sports and Coaching, Sport & Business, IT and Tech, Law,  Creative and Media, Engineering, Construction, Hospitality and Food Industry, Music, Civil Service and Government Sector and Finance.

Throughout the morning students from Year 10, 11, 12 & 13 made their way through all the exhibitors and took part in networking activities. During break time the Fair was also open to other years - and we saw a huge take up from the younger years.The event was also open to parents throughout the morning. This event is aligned with the new Government Careers Strategy and Gatsby Benchmarking model dedicated to ensuring students now have key, meaningful encounters with employers during their time at school. This is with the aim that students have access to labour market information, and through speaking with professionals and 3rd parties they understand the pathways to different destinations. Meaning they can make right post-16 decisions surrounding what courses, degrees, apprenticeships, work experience, supercurricular activities needed, to get them to their chosen career.

From everyone at Ark Putney, we would like to take the opprtunity thank everyone that gave up their time to come to the Fair - we had an amazing time learning about the different jobs and courses available to us, and hearing from you made it really come to life....

The careers fair was a completely new experience for me. As a Media and Photography student I was keen to meet with people from the industry and find out about different careers as I didn't really know about what types of jobs my courses might lead to. I had a  really good chat with a Business contact who told me about the role of advertising and partnerships in Media - she talked about a recent campaign that she managed that involved working with Vogue and Snapchat which was really interesting. Another company West Creative quizzed me on Apprenticeships vs. University. This got me thinking about different routes I could take and I got some speed interviewing experience in the process. I also spoke with other industries and started to learn about how Marketing and Photography is used in their sectors - so now I feel like I know a bit more! - Nancy Y.12