Friday 14th February INSET day and Year 11- 13 Half term revision

Friday 14th February - 09:00 - 14:30 - ALL Year 11 students in school 

Please see Y11 letter for half term dates

Friday 14th February is a staff training day. However, several Year 11 & sixth form teachers have requested to teach key stage 4 & 5 lessons on that day to help students prepare for both GCSE's and 6th form up coming mocks on the 24th February. Attendance to these lessons is compulsory. Students should arrive 15 minutes before their lesson in their daily, professional attire. If students would like to remain on site during lunchtime, lunch will be provided free of charge. Students must sign in and out at reception.




Year 11 Prom

After a very tense few weeks taking their GCSE's exams (a feat which involved early morning revision sessions, booster session after school and across the holidays), our Year 11's were finally free to get let their hair down and celebrate at Prom 2018. 

We kicked things off with an award ceremony in our Drama Theatre - celebrating all the year's achivements and the individuals that made it so special. 

We also heard from tutors - who recalled memories from Year 7 and emotions surrounding watching their tutees grow into fantastic young adults.

A highlight of the evening was from showman Dirie Hirsie who had some HILARIOUR yet wise words reflecting on his time at Ark Putney Academy.

For those coming back to our 6th Form in September we are so excited to start the next chapter, and for those on to pastures new - we truly wish you the best of luck.

The message across the Year group however is the same; that we hope you continue to unlock your potential and we cannot wait to see what you achieve!