Curriculum Aims

Our over-arching vision for all students at Ark Putney Academy is for them to stand as pillars within any community. Through the delivery of an ambitious academic, vocational and technical curriculum, our goal is to enable APA students to enter a higher education course, or career of their choice by the time they leave our school. Our curriculum is founded upon our academy’s core values: Curiosity – our curriculum is broad and balanced throughout all key stages in a way that inspires young minds to appreciate their learning opportunities and develop individual passions that will lead them onto their own chosen pathway. Ambition – our curriculum works towards aspirational end points for all students, regardless of background. It is sequenced in a way that strategically builds, re-visits and secures knowledge and skills over time. Combined with cycles of assessment and responsive teaching, we unlock students’ full potential and enable excellent outcomes. Contribute to society – our curriculum is designed with the development of cultural capital and the shaping of young people’s futures in mind. It balances knowledge acquisition with mastery of skill to enable students to move successfully to the next stage of their life and make valuable contributions within their chosen sector. Self-awareness – our academic curriculum works alongside our character development strategy which aims to nurture students who are self-aware, compassionate and emotionally intelligent individuals - and who value their personal development as a key to their success.

Our Pillars

This vision is supported by six key values. We call them our “pillars” after the strong columns that support our main school building - effort, team work, community, enthusiasm, commitment and independence. These values permeate every level of academy life at APA. They are the focus of our assemblies, reflections and tutorials. They guide us in how we behave, how we work and in what kind of people we want to be.”

Curriculum Statement