Our mission statement is to 'prepare every student to be a pillar of any community'. Not only do we look to our pillar values in lessons to help develop characters, but we believe that our extra-curricular programme offers a wide range of enriching opportunities that are designed to broaden and develop the mind and body of our students at Ark Putney Academy.

There is an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities on offer including popular sporting and Creative Arts provision, and opportunities to take part in subject-specific workshops, field trips and research. We also offer students the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures and experiences through a number of trips and visits to museums, exhibitions and theatres. Excursions to local colleges and universities also occur regularly and provide further opportunities for students to enrich and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

At the end of each academic year we have a week of enrichment activities for all year groups which includes our annual sports day and our Enterprise week for year 10 students. We also use various agencies to support our enrichment work and support students in gaining accreditation, such as Jack Petchey 'Speak Out', Fulham Football Club Charitable Trust and First Story.

These activities are an important and exciting feature of school life and contribute enormously to our pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and academic development. So, whether it is cooking or coding, football or netball, debating or dungeons and dragons; we have something for every individual – and we strongly encourage each of our students to get involved.

Students can sign-up with their tutor in advance and clubs are run on a first come first served basis, so we encourage them to register their interest as soon as possible.


Types of Enrichment

‘Academic Enrichment at APA’

It is important that, as part of our extra-curricular offering, we also provide students who need extra support or time for their academic studies with the space and resources to complete work outside of the classroom. Every year group has access to our library for ‘Silent Study’ during the week; with a full suite of computers, individual desk space and a plethora of study books, this is the perfect space for students to be able to focus and work independently in order to achieve academic success. From years 7-11, we also provide ‘Homework Club’ which takes place in a dedicated computer room each week, and with the supervision and support of two Teaching Assistants. Sixth Form students are also supported with their independent study through the ‘Earned Autonomy’ programme.

'Sport Enrichment at APA'

At Ark Putney Academy we pride ourselves on delivering an extensive and diverse PE extra-curricular programme, every day of the week. Attending at least once a week can help keep students physically fit, encourage teamwork and build skills they can take with them through life. Students who enjoy a particular sport, want to try a new sport, make new friends or improve their fitness, we recommend that they join a PE club. Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to participate in athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, fitness, football, handball, netball, indoor rowing, rugby, table tennis and trampolining.

'Music Enrichment at APA'

Our enrichment programme is designed to give every child the opportunity to access music-making opportunities. This includes the Ark Bandmanship Programme which offers up the opportunity for our Year 7 students to learn a musical instrument (voice, keyboard, drums, guitar or bass) for Free. Students are taught in small 'bands' to develop their collaborative musical skills. This is an exciting opportunity for all students to gain the confidence needed on thier chosen instrument to go onto performing within our school community. 
Students can attend a variety of clubs at lunchtime and afterschool. These clubs are designed to support thier academic development as well as developing skills within a different discipline.
We offer band clubs, and instrumental clubs focusing on guitar, keyboard. We also run sessions of Djembe club. These are to support students practical and performance skills. 
We also offer production and studio clubs. These are designed for students who enjoy creating thier own music using music technology and for performers who want to learn how to record and create in a studio setting.