‘Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity providing an opening to other cultures.’  The MFL curriculum at Ark Putney Academy aims to foster students’ curiosity and it broadens their understanding of the world. MFL exposes students to a foreign language and its culture. It also enables them to express their ideas and thoughts in a warm, welcoming, multi-cultural environment.

Year 7

Content Assessment
Understanding the foundations of the language, fostering engagement

Students start a language in Y7 (Spanish or French).  They will learn the foundations of the language as well as key grammatical structures to form simple sentences in the present and future tense. 

The year 7 curriculum is designed to foster engagement and curiosity in students not only for the language they learn, but also for the culture of country in which that language is spoken.


Students are assessed every half term on a skill (reading, listening, speaking or writing) as well as grammar.


Year 8

Content Assessment
Building up grammar, promoting cultural awareness. Students continue to learn more complex grammatical structures and tenses. They learn the basic vocabulary along with  topics which will be further developed in year 9. There is an emphasis on helping our students become great communicators in a variety of contexts. Students will also learn customs and festivities of Hispanic and Francophone countries. Students practise the four skills weekly, and they are assessed in one of them per half term.


Year 9

Content Assessment
Consolidating and applying linguistic and cultural knowledge, opening doors to new opportunitiesStudents will be introduced to the first year of the GCSE foundation course. We strengthen the grammar and vocabulary they have learnt since year 7 as we teach them parts of the first three GCSE modules.

At the end of year 9 , students will have gained a great understanding of the basic grammar and vocabulary to hold conversations about holidays, family, technology and free time. Students will have also developed the necessary confidence and perseverance to succeed in their GCSE. Spanish or French should they wish to continue learning a language.

Students in Y9 practise grammar, tenses and skills in every lesson and they are assessed in a GCSE-format assessment in the four skills every term.


Year 10

Content Assessment
Strengthening the foundations, developing fluency, becoming linguists

Students learn the first six modules required at GCSE covering a variety of topics including holidays, school, family, technology, and sports. Students unpick the grammar of key structures developing more in-depth understanding of linguistic skills.

We make emphasis on preparing the speaking exam questions developing students’ confidence and resilience.

Assessments are based on four skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Students are assessed on these skills termly. 

Edexcel GCSE-style internal summative assessment in the four skills.


Year 11

Content Assessment
Consolidating, refining, and challenging. We complete the topics required at GCSE and recap the topics and grammar seen in Y10. Students do fortnightly practice on one of the four skills in an exam-based format. Students continue preparing their GCSE speaking exam as well as doing further practice on the other three skills. Edexcel GCSE-style internal summative assessment in the four skills, and practice on past papers.


MFL A Level

Content Assessment
Year 12  
A-level Spanish/French will allow students to develop fluency and understanding the culture of the countries in which these languages are spoken.

The first year of Spanish/French A-level focuses on mastering more sophisticated grammar and learn technical vocabulary.
Resources are taken from real sources such as newspapers, magazines, films, and novels.

Students will be introduced to an in-depth analysis of a film and a novel demonstrating their knowledge and linguistic skills in paper 2. Students will also learn strategies to do paper 1 and we start working on the IRP. Assessments are based on four skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Students are assessed on these skills termly.

Edexcel A-Level-style internal summative assessment in the four skills.
Year 13  
Students continue to learn the historical and political intricacies of Francophone and Hispanic countries. Culture plays an important role in the Y13 curriculum and students prepare debates/speeches about current issues.
There is a special focus on revising the film and the novel as well as the IRP. Students are assessed on grammar and one skill fortnightly. 
Edexcel A-Level
Practice papers 1,2 and 3.