The study of psychology allows students to better understand human behavior and thought from a social and scientific perspective. To build a tolerant and fair society we must understand the complexities of human behaviour and champion individual differences. The psychology curriculum at Ark Putney Academy aims to foster passion and curiosity in our students, to encourage them to explore how different experiences may shape as person’s responses to different situations. Psychology students also gain a broad understanding of the different research methods and approaches psychologists use to investigate psychological problems and theories, alongside developing skills in researching, describing, applying, analysing and evaluating.

Psychology A Level

Content Assessment
Year 12  
Approaches and Research Methods: How do psychologists approach problems and how do they research them? 

Social influence: Considers why we conform to societal figures and obey figures of authority.

Memory: we explore how we remember and why we forget; can eye-witnesses to crimes be trusted? 

Psychopathology: learn about the symptoms, explanations and treatments for phobias, OCD and depression. 

Attachment: we study how our early relationships with our caregivers form and how these bonds can impact our relationships later in life. 

AQA Internal summative assessment. 

Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology
Paper 2: Psychology in Context

Year 13  
Biopsychology: study the relationship between our biology and our behaviour. How do different areas of our brain impact our functioning? What happens after traumatic brain injuries and how are our sleep patterns regulated?

Gender: explore how gender is formed and question the accuracy of gender stereotypes in society. We also consider different explanations for gender identity disorder. 

Schizophrenia: learn about the symptoms, explanations and treatments for schizophrenia. 

Aggression: why are people aggressive? Is there a gene that causes aggression? What causes institutional aggression?

Issues and Debates: what are the problems that psychological research poses? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches researchers’ can take? 

AQA A Level 

100% exam: 

Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology
Paper 2: Psychology in Context
Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology