Welcome to Ark Putney Academy!

Here at APA, we are proud to be a “non-selective” school for students aged 11-18. We believe that inclusion and equality breed success. We don’t think it’s accurate or fair to define a ten year old student’s future potential with a standardised exam, so we don’t select our students on that basis.

Rather, we believe that all students will thrive in an open, inclusive school environment. APA’s faith in its inclusive ethos, in its superb teaching staff and in its excellent school facilities, has delivered A level results well above the national average for the last 3 years, placing us in the top 20% of schools nationally for progress.

But APA is not just about exams. Our broad curriculum - accessing creative areas like DT, music, and art as well as the core subjects - offers all our students the chance to develop the strong character and key soft skills and knowledge they will need to succeed on whichever life path they choose.

So, please come along to our open day events, watch the school tour videos on this site and see for yourselves the excellent staff and facilities which make APA a truly exceptional place to learn.”






Alison Downey