Teaching of British Values through Psychology

We promote British values through advocating and teaching acceptance of all individuals regardless of their differences. We explore and promote the importance of equal rights for men and women and individuals suffering with mental health issues.  We seek to understand the differences within and between cultures and demonstrate an acceptance of the beliefs and cultural norms in our multi-cultural society.

A Level Psychology

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. It explores the motivations we have for our emotional responses, social interactions and everyday behaviours. Students considering studying psychology, social sciences or research based degrees at University should consider taking Psychology at A Level. Psychology will help you to enhance your skills in research, comparison, analysis and evaluation, whilst learning about the theories that underpin our everyday behaviours and motivations.

In Year 12 psychology students learn about the origins of psychology and how psychology became a science. In addition students learn about the different approaches psychologists take when studying human behaviour and the associated research methods. Students then go on to apply these ideas to psychopathology, memory, attachment and social influence.

Year 13 psychology builds upon the skills learnt in Year 12. Students discuss the issues, debates and approaches associated with psychological science. Students then go on to explore further topics in detail, including aggression, gender and schizophrenia.