Dear Year 12 Students,


Please see below the Bridging Work required for each Sixth Form subject.

This work will ensure that you have the necessary skills and background knowledge to succeed in your subject in the Sixth Form. 

You must complete this work to pass the probationary period.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Southcott, or any other member of the Sixth Form team, if you have any queries.


Biology 1 - Y12 Induction.docx

Art - Y12 induction.docx

Business - Y12 induction.docx

English - Y12 induction.docx

French - Y12 induction.docx

Geography- Y12 induction.docx

History 1 - Y12 Induction.pptx

History 2 - Y12 Induction.pdf

History 3 - Y12 Induction.pdf

History 4 - Y12 Induction.pptx

Further Maths - Y12 Induction.docx

Maths - Y12 Induction.docx

Maths 2 - Y12 Induction.docx

Maths - Y12 induction - part 3.docx

Media - Y12 induction.docx

Physics 1 - Y12 Induction.docx

Physics 2 - Y12 Induction.doc

Sociology - Y12 induction.pdf

Sport - Y12 induction1.docx

Psychology - Y12 induction.doc