Senior Leadership Team

Ms A Downey Principal
Ms J White Senior Vice Principal
Ms L Watts Assistant Principal
Ms S Stone Vice Principal

Heads of House/ Heads of Year

Mr D Rees Rowling House
Ms Long McQueen House
Mr L Tomkinson Brunel House
Mr D Sheehan Turing House
Ms L McMillan Associate Assistant Principal
Mr S Choudhry Associate Assistant Principal
Mr A Knight Head of Sixth Form
Ms G Bingham Year 12
Ms N Cameron Year 11
Mr D Trendell Year 10
Mr D Clifton Year 9
Mr J Connelly Year 8
Mr B Caven Year 7

English Department

Ms L Watts Head of Teaching and Learning/ Teacher of English
Mr S Choudhury Head of English/Associate Assistant Principal
Ms M Boocock Teacher of Psychology/ Assistant Head of Year
Ms C Taylor Teacher of English/ic2 SENCO
Ms J Southcott Teacher of English and Psychology Maternity Leave
Mr B Caven Teacher of English
Ms K Henney Teacher of KS5 English/NQT Lead
Ms C Keville 2/c 2 English
Mr J Connelly Teacher of English
Mr P Melicher Lead Practitioner of English
Ms B Abbott Trainee English Teacher
Ms R McCormack Trainee English Teacher


"I think what we have at Ark Putney is a really caring community. The teachers all know the students really well and the students know the teachers, I think the result of that is that we have a really positive ethos." Mr Davison - Governor and former Deputy Head of Sixth Form


MFL department

Ms L Simpson Head of Foreign Languages
Ms S Hornsby EAL Co-ordinator
Ms L McMillan Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Ms L Gordon MFL Teacher
Ms C Coulter MFL NQT
Ms E Farrell MFL Teach First
Ms R DeLemos Trainee MFL Teacher

Mathematics Department

Mr M Rowe Head of Maths
Mr M Neuberger Teacher of Mathematics
Ms L Boothby Teacher of Mathematics/KS4 Lead
Ms S Foss Teacher of Mathematics
Ms N Cameron Head of Year/Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Justine Buckmire Maths Lead Teacher
Ms M Ubah Maths Teacher
Ms O Oreyomi Maths NQT
Ms Y Mepham Maths NQT
Ms S Williams Trainee Maths Teacher


Business Department

Ms E Fennell Head of Business Studies
Mr J Hayden Teacher of Business Studies


Humanities Department

Ms K Jacob Head of Humanities
Mr A Perez Head of Geography
Ms B Forsyth Head of History
Mr W Kosek Teacher of History / Assisatnt Head of Year
Ms L Stone Teacher of Geography
Mr D Clifton Teacher of History
Mr D Rees-Glidea Teacher of Geography
Ms F Harvey Teacher of Sociology/Teacher of Media Maternity leave 
Ms K Henney Teacher of Sociology
Ms S Willliams Trainee Geography Teacher


Science Department

Ms N D'Mello Head of Science
Ms H Hughes Head of KS3 Science / Teacher of Science
Ms G Abel Teacher of Science
Ms A Sesay Teacher of Science
Mr R Joseph Teacher of Science
Ms R Black Head of Physics
Ms L Leonard Head of Chemistry
Ms K Torres Teacher of Science
Mr L Richardson Science Technician
Mr S Singh Science NQT +1
Mr S Hasan Trainee Physics Teacher
Ms L Allen Mena Trainee Biology Teacher

PE Department

Mr J Hayden Head of P.E. / BTEC Coordinator
Ms G Bingham Head of Year/Teacher of P.E.
Mr D Sheehan Turing House/Trainee Sports Teacher
Mr D Trendell Head of Year/Teacher of P.E.

Music Department

Mr F Marshall PERI Teacher
Ms S Ahmed Music Subject Lead

Design Technology & Art Departments

Ms L Lake Head of Creative Making
Ms M Long Head of KS4 DT / Teacher of Art
Ms J Johnson Art Subject Lead
Mr L Tomkinson Teacher of Design Technology
Mr R Canning  Creative Making Technician


Ms K Borthwick Inclusion Manager/ SENCO
Ms C Taylor ic2 SENCO
Ms K Torres SEN Teacher and Administrator
Ms L Orriss SEN Teacher


Mr C Shallcross Operations Manager
Ms J Rickard PA to the Principal / HR Officer
Ms S Crowley Receptionist/Administrator
Ms G Savin Senior Finance Manager
Ms S Lambird Examinations Officer
Ms K Anderson-Bowley Finance Officer
Ms E Brown  HR and Payroll Officer (Part-time)
Ms P Kelly Academy Office Manager
Ms S Carter 6th Form Administrator (part-time)
Ms C Scully Attendance and Punctuality Manager
Ms M Williams Pillar Reflection Centre Manager
Ms L Charles Education Social Worker
Ms E Shaw Learning Tutor (part-time)
Ms I Beck Learning Tutor
Mr Y Antanga Cover Supervisor/Teaching Assistant
Ms D Gibbons Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms R Heholt Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr K Elghailani Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms E Tweedale Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr B Anthony Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms E Bediako Graduate teaching Assistant
Ms B Bello Teaching Assistant
Ms E Dallas Teaching Assistant
Ms J Mensah Teaching Assistant
Mr J O'Kane Teaching Assistant
Ms W Sparrowhawk Learning Resource Centre Co-ordinator
Ms Rout Destinations (Careers) & Marketing Manager
Mr B Ellis Site Manager
Mr M Anderson Premises Assistant
Mr C Smith Premises Assistant
Ms S Wood Reprographics Officer (part-time)
Mr A Ciobanu Catering Manager
Ms D Harris Chef Manager
Ms C Bovell Catering Assistant
Mr P Tucholski Catering Assistant
Mr P Kuik Catering Assistant
Ms D Butler Catering Assistant