Here at APA, we adopt a holistic view to educating young people. Through our commitment to inclusion, equality and attainment, we prepare every student to be a pillar of any community.


Our core purpose is to provide every student with:


• an appreciation of and curiosity for life and learning

• The courage and ambition to unlock and fulfill their true potential

• The desire to contribute to community and society in a positive way

• A sense of self-awareness, integrity and passion towards others


We encourage our students to commit fully to both their academic progress and the sports, arts, community and charity opportunities APA has to offer. In so doing, APA students will reach their full academic potential and develop the soft talents - respect, confidence, communication skills - that will help them succeed in all aspects of their lives.


This vision is supported by six key values. We call them our “pillars” after the strong columns that support our main school building - effort, team work, community, enthusiasm, commitment and independence. These values permeate every level of academy life at APA. They are the focus of our assemblies, reflections and tutorials. They guide us in how we behave, how we work and in what kind of people we want to be.”